Let’s just kill our enemies in cold blood

The following letter was just sent:

Mr Stephen Smith
Minister for Foreign Affairs
Australian Parliament House

Dear Mr Smith,

I wish to draw your attention to a hate website: http://stoptheism.com, run by a certain Lee Kaplan, which offers a US$25,000 reward for information leading to the murder of any ISM (International Solidarity Movement) human rights volunteer working in Gaza. By publishing details of ISM volunteers Kaplan attempts to co-ordinate with the Israeli military forces to effect a targeted assassination.

Sharon Lock is an Australian citizen at present working as an ISM volunteer in Gaza, where she accompanies ambulance drivers and medical personnel in their highly dangerous humanitarian missions. Her bravery and commitment is a shining light to all Australians and brings credit to this country.

I urge you to do your utmost, through whatever means are at your disposal, to ensure the safety of Ms Lock.

Bob Birch

Friends of Palestine, NSW, Australia

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