London sees biggest ever Palestine protest

From Lenin’s Tomb.

Thousands marched through central London this afternoon in the capital’s biggest ever pro-Palestinian protest, given particular topicality in view of the 40th anniversary of the 1967 war. Not that you’d know it from the BBC, which seems to have completely blanked the protest. It was a very much bigger march than the two previous ones I’ve been on. The organisers put the turn-out at 20,000 and I’m prepared to believe this is not an exaggeration, having watched the entire procession go past.

The march went from Lincoln’s Inn Fields, down Kingsway, the long way round Aldwych and along The Strand to Trafalgar Square.

Here’s some pics. I was just about to leave when London’s other protest arrived – the naked cyclists. Pics of them another day. I was amused to find myself next to a couple of American tourists, who were stunned to find themselves in a London which seemed to consist entirely of nudes on bicycles and thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters. What is going on, they wailed to each other. Why are they doing this?

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