Mahmoud loves those Jews

Yet more evidence of that genocidal Iranian regime:

Iran started building a huge new cultural and sports complex for its Jewish minority in central Tehran Sunday, billing the project as proof of the freedoms enjoyed by its religious minorities.

Housing and urban development minister Mohammad Saidi-Kia broke the ground for the new building alongside Morris Motamed, the representative of Iran’s Jewish community in parliament, the official IRNA news agency reported.

The total cost for the project is 30 billion riyals ($3.2 million) and the building will extend for 6,800 square meters (73,194 square feet), around half of which will be devoted to sport, and half to cultural activities, Motamed said.

It is expected to be finished in two-and-a-half years.

“In Iran, the followers of the different religions have freedoms guaranteed in the constitution. The followers of the divine religions are living under one flag,” said Saidi-Kia.

The Islamic Republic is an unquestionably cruel regime, but the idea that Jews are treated like pariahs or are only one step away from the gas chambers is nonsense.

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