Making peace through war

The following testimony from a Palestinian was given to Gisha, the legal centre for freedom of movement:

Last night was awful. Awful.
There were so many explosions coming from the air, from tanks and from everywhere. They were using everything they had against us.
I’m surprised that my house has not collapsed. And everything was random fire.
I don’t understand why they don’t use bigger bombs. They could finish the whole thing off in one go. Why do they use these bombs and draw it out so much over so many days? They should drop one bomb and be done with it.
It was so terrible. You cannot imagine.
Everything was shaking all night. All night long.
They killed so many people in the night. All night long.
I would not wish this on my worst enemies.
And theyare denying everything, everything. I see Mark Regev on Al-Jazeera and he is denying everything, not just the phosphorus. Everything. He even tries to deny that Israel’s armed forces are in the Gaza Strip.

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