Meanwhile, away from Cairo, the region has its own pace

I’m flat-out here in Cairo working on multiple projects related to the Gaza Freedom March.

But some interesting articles and reports on the Middle East are worth sharing:

1 Year after Gaza Massacre: Over 500 Academics and Cultural Workers Call for Boycott.

– On Sunday, 20 December 2009, Al Dameer Association for Human Rights published a position paper on “Health and Environmental Problems in the Gaza Strip that Lead to an Increase in the Number of Babies Born with Birth Defects, Abortion, and Cancer Diseases Due to the IOF Use to Radioactive and Toxic Materials during its Latest Offensive on the Strip”.

Rami Khouri’s compelling reasons why the Gaza onslaught has been so devastating for Israel.

– A young Zionist who made aliyah writes in the Jerusalem Post: “Yes, I am a Jew. Yes, Zionism is cool. Yes, I want to be an IDF soldier.”

– Twitter is being accused of silencing Gaza tribute.

– Joe Sacco’s new book on Palestine is praised by Patrick Cockburn in the New York Times and extracted on Mondoweiss.

Report: Settlers in uproar over withdrawal of Belgian-French owned bank from West Bank lending operations.

– Rights campaigners were last night celebrating the end of “Apartheid Road” after Israel’s supreme court ordered the military to open up a major highway that cuts through the West Bank to Palestinians, rather than reserving it exclusively for Israelis.

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