Miliband says Iraq war was a jolly important show of British strength

The Iraq war may have convinced other Arab dictatorships to not upset Washington and London, but seriously, the British elite is forced to defend the debacle like this?

The Foreign Secretary told Sir John Chilcot’s inquiry into the war that Britain’s willingness to follow through on threats of military force had made some Arab governments more willing to “do business” with the UK.

Accepting that “a lot of people” strongly opposed the 2003, Mr Miliband said that Britain’s reputation had actually been strengthened in some parts of the Middle East.

“People in the region do respect those who are willing to see through what they say [they will do],” Mr Miliband said.

“Even people who disagreed with it say to me, ”˜You’ve sent a message that when you say something, you mean it’.”

He added: “In the Arab world today, I don’t believe that the Iraq decisions have undermined our relationships or our ability to business. Some of our ambassadors say we are in stronger position.”

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