Morality bypass

Following Israel’s recent search for “terrorists” in Nablus, a sadly familiar tale emerges:

An Israeli human rights group has accused the country’s government of using Palestinians as human shields during its raids on Nablus. The Israeli supreme court banned the practice two years ago.

The claim from B’tselem, a human rights monitor, came after video footage appeared to show Israeli soldiers forcing a man to walk ahead at gunpoint.

Sameh Amira, a 24-year-old Nablus resident, said he thought he was going to die: “When I was walking ahead of them, I was expecting they would shoot bullets at any time.

“All the time I was scared, terrorised. I was expecting anything from them. That I would be injured and die in front of them.

“[The Israeli soldiers] said ‘come here’ and they put me ahead of them and took me up to the house. As soon as they were in, they started shooting at the wardrobe,” Amira said.

Nobody said morality and the IDF are a comfortable mix.

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