Musharraf and the Zionists, sitting in a London tree

Oh my. A former, US-backed dictator looking to make a comeback and some Israeli hacks wanting to get in on the action:

Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf is stated to have shared a lunch with a couple of members of Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, at a Chinese restaurant in Kensington area of central London a few days ago.

The Israeli parliamentarians included Silvan Sahalom and Brigadier General (retired) Ephraim Sneh, also the chairman of the subcommittee on Defence Human Resources, The nation reported.

Some colleagues of Musharraf also attended the lunch, which comprised of fish, some duck dishes and expensive wine, the paper said.

The lunch lasted more than 90 minutes, it said, adding that the following day, the former president left for a visit to the United States.

According to diplomatic sources, one of the Israeli parliamentarians had also called on Musharraf when he was on an official visit to Turkey.

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