News bytes

– Australia’s leading Zionist lobby continues its run of Islamophobia.

– Hamas wants no belly-dancing in Gaza. The new Palestinian culture minister rather likes Titanic, too.

– The UK Telegraph, an initial support of the Iraq war, realises that withdrawal is the only option for the occupied country. “No one likes living in an occupied country”, it offers.

– The future of Kurdish and Turkish relations is debated.

– So much for Australian government generosity:

Despite its generous promises of more foreign aid, Australia has slid rapidly towards the bottom of the pack of Western aid donors, with its aid program now the fourth-smallest of the 22 donor countries.

– One of Russia’s finest journalists writes: “We are using Stalin’s methods again, this time to fight terrorism.”

– Israel’s Green Leaf party may have failed to win any Knesset seats in the recent Israeli election, but at least they make fun ads.

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