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– The NSW Supreme Court has heard that the Howard government’s terrorism laws “would close off courts ‘as tight as a drum’ and co-opt judges into a regime of ‘extreme secrecy’.”

– While the Howard government tries to entice business to donate even more funds to its coffers – the Liberal Party pamphlet sent to 1000 directors tells them that it will ‘work directly with our business leaders to maintain an active dialogue that keeps the well being of Australia and its citizens in clear view’ – the Australian Electoral Commission has released the list of donors to political parties for 2004-05. Discover who truly controls the state of contemporary Australia.

– A new poll taken in Iraq offers some sobering results, not least the support for attacks on US troops, desire for US withdrawal, suspicion of US intentions and disgust at US reconstruction efforts.

– Adelaide-based white supremacists are looking for “open warfare.”

– Former chief of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), retired Admiral Chris Barrie, says that Australia’s military relationship with the US will soon be in dire trouble and a majority of the Australian population will end up resenting it. Furthermore, he supports a return of conscription as a way to solve the ADF’s recruitment issues.

– Exxon Mobil is embarrassed about huge profits.

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