One more way of isolating illegal Zionist colonies in the West Bank

This Washington Post piece is filled with the usual “he said/she said” conventions of corporate journalism, but it’s an important story nonetheless, highlighting the failing moral claims of Israel’s occupation and some Palestinians figthing against it. But let’s not be under any illusion about the involvement of the Palestinian Authority, a corrupt and useless body backed and armed by America. When Palestinian freedom comes one day, it will be despite these blood-suckers:

In Mishor Adumim, a bougainvillea-lined industrial zone inside this West Bank Jewish settlement, at least 17 businesses have closed since Palestinians began boycotting its products several months ago.

For the Israelis, it’s “an insufferable situation,” according to Avi Elkayam, who represents the settlement’s 300 factory owners. But for Palestinians, it might be the strategy they have been looking for.

For more than 40 years, Palestinians have sought to end Israeli occupation and gain statehood. International terrorism, nearly two decades of negotiations and two major waves of mass revolt have all failed to bring measurable progress toward those goals.

Now Palestinians are looking at the success of their boycott as evidence that a campaign focused on peaceful protest, rather than violent struggle, could finally yield results.

The strategy originated at the grass-roots level but has increasingly been embraced by the Palestinian leadership. Top officials have shown up at anti-settlement demonstrations led by local activists trying to isolate Israel globally in a campaign roughly modeled on the South African anti-apartheid struggle.

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