One state inevitable in Palestine/Israel but issue is right wing or left wing version

The kind of conversation that my recent book After Zionism is aiming to foster, this piece by Dahlia Scheindlin in +972 is more vital than ever:

To put it bluntly: the question is no longer about whether one state should be considered, because if we’re counting “states” who control people, it is already a reality. The question is which kind of state it will be: the left or the right wing version.

Remarkably, many American policy figures, Jewish leaders and intellectuals refuse to enter the debate. They keep talking about the negotiated two-state solution, which is becoming more slogan than substance, as if anyone on either side is listening.

That’s unfortunate. A moratorium on thinking about it will not change the facts. The vain attempts to stifle criticism of Israel in American Jewish discourse and in American politics proved that uncomfortable realities can’t be wished away.

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