In a region where US meddling is par for the course, this news is worrying:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez claimed yesterday that the United States government is planning a coup d’état against the government of Bolivian President Evo Morales, adding that Venezuela would not stand by and let it happen.

Chávez said he has evidence of a “destabilization plan” that is already in progress to prevent Morales from governing, citing current protests and hotel bombings earlier this year. Last week in particular there were violent clashes between groups of striking miners that have created great difficulties for Morales.

Chávez said that the “oligarchy” is also involved in the coup plans. “If the Latin American oligarchy, on its knees before the US empire, breaks the rules of the game and disavows the sovereign rights of the peoples, Venezuela will not fold its arms before aggression,” he said.

Chávez also said that the US government was using the supposed “war on drugs” to increase its military presence in Latin America.…  He says this undermines Bolivia in particular due to Morales’ plans to decriminalise coca farming.… 

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