Palestinians are dying to visit another dictatorship

This is almost comical. One authoritarian state goes to an occupied people and asks them to come as tourists. Because Palestinians are dead keen to see another occupation?

The Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau is to hold its first Tourism Road Show at Ramallah City in Palestine on Thursday.

This will be the first time a trade or tourism delegation from Sri Lanka will be visiting Palestine.

Officials of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Board who will be in Ramallah for the Road Show will be accompanied by a group of dancers.

The Palestinian tourism sector will be represented by 36 members of the Palestinian Society for Tourism and Travel Agents. The Palestine Tourism and Antiquities Minister Dr. Khloud Daibes will be the Chief Guest at the show.

The Road Show is expected to exchange views regarding problems connected with trade and the method of increasing the flow of tourists between Palestine and Sri Lanka.

Apart from visiting the country as tourists, Palestinians now visit Sri Lanka for trade purposes as well.

In January this year a trade delegation visited Sri Lanka on the invitation of Sri Lanka Export Development Board.

Tea importers from Palestine now visit Sri Lanka to purchase their requirements direct and 90% of the tea consumed in Palestine comes from Sri Lanka.

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