Read this to understand the reality of Israel’s “Jewish and democratic” occupation

A striking piece, in Yediot Ahronoth, translated for Peace Now:

It is doubtful if this was the solution envisioned by the leaders of the social protest when they went out to demonstrate over the cost of housing in Israel.…  But the impossible real estate prices and the unfreezing of land over the Green Line have created a new and surprising trend in the past year: Hundreds of secular families have moved to Judea and Samaria in exchange for tax breaks and the low price for a house with a garden.…  All this five minutes from Kfar Saba, Shoham or Rosh Haayin.

… …  Many of the families who took this course of action did not move to Judea and Samaria for political reasons, and are not identified in any way with the right wing and the struggle for the greater Land of Israel.…  On the contrary: Many of them are as far removed from the hilltop youth as Shenkin Street is from Efrat, and even vote for left wing and center parties.…  Hundreds of such families have already moved or purchased apartments in Judea and Samaria settlements, mainly those close to the Green Line.…  They define themselves as “non-religious”–people who have become tired of paying excessive rent in greater Tel Aviv and want to move into a new four-room apartment of their own.
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