Recipient of Israel lobby hospitality, from Murdoch press, calls on military strike against Iran

The Zionist establishment must be rubbing its hands with glee. Another media figure, who has enjoyed those glorious trips to Israel to savour some Israeli apartheid, demands the West take action against Iran. Alan Howe, from Melbourne’s Herald Sun, has form. Here’s some of his latest bile:

Islamists differ from the rest of us; we may recognise the similarities that exist in the genome of the murderously insane Ahmadinejad and his ilk, but evolution has favoured the advanced, Western homo sapiens whereas deep pockets of the Middle East remain stalled somewhere in the seventh century.

Nonetheless, we’re to take seriously the ambitious Iranians and their plans for a global suicide in which all (Shia) Muslims will ascend to Paradise while infidels and Sunnis must queue for hell.

Because it’s not about Ahmadinejad and his theatrically hysterical speeches.

It is actually about an even more menacingly ignorant crew: Iran’s Republican Guard.

And a few weeks ago, Alireza Forghani, a fellow described as Khamenie’s “strategy specialist”, wrote a fascinating piece that appeared on a Republican Guard website and then on “approved” outlets around Iran.

In it Forghani states that the “Islamic world should arise and scream that an atomic bomb is our right, and so smash America’s and Israel’s dreams”.

He has previously called for a pre-emptive strike on the West and has compiled a religious argument justifying this mass slaughter.

He states that 5.7 million of the 7.5 million Israelis are Jewish and that 60 per cent of them live in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa and these can be wiped out in nine minutes.

If Forghani were, say, the Bob Katter of Iran, we could dismiss his resentful rants, but that his editorials appear prominently on Republican Guard-sponsored media means his ideas have traction with men who will have access to nuclear codes.

Forghani, and those for whom he works, understand that a conventional weapons strike in Israel would invite a conventional response.

What they want is a nuclear pass to Paradise.

The UN will do nothing. That’s what it does best.

It is up to us: The time has come for the West to really hurt Iran.

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