Screwing with their minds

The power of Google is something that should worry us all, despite its relevance in our daily lives. It’s therefore hard not to enjoy any attempt to challenge the company’s online dominance:

On the same day it was revealed that users of YouTube, the world’s largest video-sharing site, were uploading more than 20 hours of video footage every minute, the site was hit by a porn scandal which threatened to bring the service into disrepute. Over the course of 24 hours, the site was flooded with a number of pornographic video clips rumoured to be in the tens of thousands.

In what is believed to have been a coordinated attack carried out by the infamous 4Chan group of hackers, clips containing nudity and sexual scenes were made available to the sites tens of millions of users. To circumvent the site’s normal moderation policy, they were uploaded with titles referencing such favourite children’s entertainers as Hannah Montana and the famous American Christian pop boy band duo, the Jonas Brothers. The videos began with footage of the artists in question before cutting to video of adults participating in group sex acts, according to the BBC.

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