Serco continues its glorious work in the UK

Guess who runs this privatised detention centre in Britain? Serco:

A pregnant woman detained at Yarl’s Wood immigration centre who was told by a midwife she could not find her baby’s heartbeat was refused a scan for four days despite repeated requests and a high court order.

Theresa Diedericks, 26, a South African who has suffered from anxiety and depression since a miscarriage last year, was panic-stricken and believed her baby was dead.

Despite her growing anxiety, she says, it took a second court order before staff from the UK Border Agency (UKBA) finally took her to hospital for a scan. Michael Randle, her British fianc√© and the father of her unborn child, said he was “appalled” at the medical treatment she received and was considering civil proceedings against the Home Office, UKBA and the medical staff at Yarl’s Wood.

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