Silencing the small man

Despite the incessant attacks by the Bush administration towards Syria and its leader Assad, the country remains a dictatorship that can get away with this:

His name is Tarek Baiasi and he’s 23 years old. He lives in Banyas with his mother and two sisters. His father was detained during the 70s by the Syrian security agents, who mistook him for a Muslim Brotherhood member, where he spent 20 years behind bars.

Tarek sells and maintains PCs. He is described by his friends as shy and quiet, spending his time surfing the web and blogging at Ektub here.

On 7-7-2007, Tarek was asked by the security branch in Banyas to answer a few questions concerning a comment he left on one of the “sensitive” websites. That was the last time his family heard from him.

With Bush currently in Israel, only fools and hacks believe he has any chance of achieving anything. He’s a man who believes in endless war and the Middle East has suffered terribly during his presidency.

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