Sri Lanka can’t kill civilians and get away with it

A day will come, and soon, when Israel will also face these criticisms and pay a price for abusing human rights:

A European Union probe has found Sri Lanka in breach of international human rights laws, meaning the South Asian country is likely to lose concessions worth over $100 million for its top exports to Europe, EU sources said.

Brussels is expected to publish on Monday the findings of its investigation into Sri Lanka launched a year ago to probe allegations of human rights violations and torture, stemming from a 25-year war with Tamil Tiger rebels.

“The assessment report says Sri Lanka does not fulfil the requirements of GSP plus,” one EU source said on Friday in reference to the system of preferential tariffs for the world’s poorest countries.

“The evidence is very clear that Sri Lanka does not fulfil the basic human rights conditions of GSP plus,” the source said, citing the report.

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