Stepford Democrats

The Democratic base in the US is furious with the inability or rather unwillingness of congressional Democrats to impose a timeline on the neocon occupation of Iraq. The problem is that influential blogs like the DailyKos will pass up the opportunity to do something constructive and send a clear message to their representatives in Washington.

“As angry as liberal activists are over last week’s vote, it is not clear now whether they can punish congressional Democrats who supported the supplemental spending bill,” Kaplan wrote on May 30. “Some Democratic lawmakers and aides are frustrated with the liberal wing of the Democratic Party and feel whatever they do would not be good enough.” In other words, these lawmakers and aides are tired of listening to their constituents, who voted overwhelmingly to end the occupation of Iraq and bring the troops home. For these “lawmakers,” actually corporate whores and AIPAC lapdogs, the Daily Kos Democrats need to sit down, shut up, and get accustomed to the in-your-face betrayal.

If common sense ruled the day, the Daily Kos Democrats, with Markos Moulitsas Zúniga leading the charge, would use their “netroot” power to yank the bottom out of the Democrat party and thus send a message to Rahm Emanuel and his ilk. But this will not happen. Daily Kos Dems are emotionally wedded to the party, never mind the self-destructive irrationality of this marriage.

If the Daily Kos murmurings reveal anything, it is that “mainstream” Democrats, even the anti-war and lib faction, are so completely brainwashed and stepfordized they will never reform the party—or, for that matter, defect and start anew with a fresh political party—and will instead spend their time complaining at the “netroot” level on blogs and messageboards, thus not effectuating change, much to the delight of the corporatist whores and AIPAC lickspittles led by Rahm Emanuel, the little “Rahm-bo” who demonstrated his allegiance to Israel, same as the Bush neocons.

While some were mildly optimistic at the election outcome of November 2006, few expected drastic change to take place. Even still, the degree to which the Democrats have rolled over and pandered to the lobbyists is creating such a stench that even hard core Demcoratic supporters can no longer deny it.

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