Still pushing the two-state “dream”

Sol Salbe, of the Middle East News Service, translates a startling paragraph from Israeli paper Yediot Aharonot:

Yediot Acharonot is reporting this morning that the US Administration is talking in terms of Bushehr for Yitzhar – in other words the US will assist in dismantling the Iranian nuclear threat in return for the evacuation of West Bank settlements. Reports have reached Israel lately of a conversation between the White House of Chief of Staff, and Obama confidante, Rahm Emmanuel with a senior Jewish leader in Washington. Emmanuel is reported to have said: “Over the next four years there will be a permanent agreement between Israel and the Palestinians on the basis of two states and we don’t particularly care who will be the Prime Minister.”

If this is truly the Obama dream, it’ll be a mighty effort to make it happen.

And that’s putting it mildly.

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