The aid economy that fuels Haiti’s misery

I’m currently in Haiti working on my book about disaster capitalism and a documentary with New York film-maker Thor Neureiter. It’ll be a global picture to show how privatisation and outsourcing, in the military, aid, intelligence, detention centres and mineral exploitation businesses, are creating a world of even greater disparity.

Cholera remains a massive issue here… in Haiti. The government is claiming they want to bring an influx of tourists but the infrastructure simply isn’t here. Yet.

A documentary from Al Jazeera last year, well after the devastating 2010 earthquake, highlights “why a system that was designed to help actually ended up exacerbating the misery and how aid efforts created a state of over-dependence.” Today, in September 2012, the situation has only worsened and that’s part of what we’re investigating. America’s grip has never been tighter and more anti-democratic:

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