The end is (nearly) certain

Insular Zionism, exhibit one:

Opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu questioned the future of Diaspora Jewry in a closed-door meeting with American contributors to the IDF’s Nahal haredi program on Thursday morning.

He warned that assimilation and intermarriage would threaten the future of Diaspora Jewry and said the Nahal haredi program was the answer to the rifts inside Israeli society. Netanyahu told participants to do everything possible to prevent assimilation in their communities, but said Israel is what is keeping the Jewish people together.

“There is no future for Jews in the Diaspora, because of assimilation and intermarriage,” Netanyahu said, according to participants. “The only future for the Jews is in Israel. The only hope for the Jewish people in the Diaspora is Israel.”

Sources close to Netanyahu confirmed the quotes and said his point was to emphasize Israel’s central role in maintaining Diaspora Jewry.… 

Israel’s current political path almost guarantees its destruction – the messianic settler movement, strife with the Palestinians and Arab world and over-reliance on the US – so Netanyahu is actually wishing the end of the Jewish state.

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