The French use direct action in Cairo to highlight the Gaza tragedy

Chinese news agency Xinhua reports on the latest from the Gaza Freedom March (my photos of the event thus far are here):

Egypt criticized on Monday French activists protesting in front of their country’s embassy in Cairo, who asked to enter the Gaza Strip via the Rafah crossing to participate in the march of solidarity with Gaza people.

Those activists did not respect their commitment as they entered Egypt with tourist visas and carried out political activism by organizing a march which violates the conditions of entry, Egypt’s MENA news agency quoted Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki as saying.

Zaki said that the activists were notified in advance that the march would be prohibited but they stood on the sidewalk in front of the French embassy, adding that Egyptian security forces are now there to secure the area.

On the first anniversary of the start of an Israeli offensive in the coastal strip which left more than 1,400 Palestinians killed, more than 300 French activists, who came to Egypt carrying tourist visas, protested in front of the French embassy in Cairo, demanding the French ambassador to negotiate with the Egyptian government to allow them to enter the Gaza Strip via Rafah crossing.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry warned earlier activists and those wishing to organize a solidarity march in Gaza Strip from Egyptian soil of not complying with security measures.

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