The Jewish Holocaust is over, repeat after me

Aluf Benn asks a key question in Haaretz and one that should resonate around the world. If Israel is truly heading towards a military confrontation with Iran, how can we stop the madness?

If the Iranian nuclear program is the train to Auschwitz, what will the Israelis and the Jews do if an operation to foil the program fails and Iran gets the bomb? What should young people think as they weigh their future? If the analogy to the Holocaust is accepted as simple, the answer is clear: They should find refuge for themselves elsewhere. Most of those saved from the Holocaust left Europe in time, before the Nazi conquest, particularly for the United States and the Land of Israel. If Israel is indeed facing a Holocaust, then Netanyahu should ask Barack Obama for immigration visas for 6 million Israelis, not just for the go-ahead to attack Iran.

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