The moral collapse of modern Zionism

Israel is a vibrant democracy that “abides by the rule of law.”

So writes pro-war blogger Michael Yon, who was enthralled after hearing Israeli politician and probable next leader Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem a few days ago. The pro-forma nature of such platitudes is amusing to read, not least this: “If you want to see World War III unfold, just sit quietly about Iran. Iran could be the opening chapter of an apocalyptic era.”

Clearly time to nuke Iran, and soon. The hilariously simplistic “good vs evil” equation expressed by these people should be ridiculed.

Israel’s war crimes are routinely ignored by the vast majority of Israelis; hardly the sign of a healthy democracy.

Far-right politicians, likely to gain seats in upcoming elections, are calling for the expulsion of Arabs to countries such as Turkey and Venezuela.

Israeli soldiers try to explain to the Gazan people why they destroyed their homes and levelled entire neighbourhoods.

Back in America, Rabbi Marvin Hier – astoundingly, founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre and Museum of Tolerance – writes in the New York Daily News that Gazans are simply paying the price for voting the wrong way:

The people of Gaza would be much better served if the international community eager to help them did the right thing for a change: deliver a stern warning that they can’t have it both ways. If they choose Hamas and give the terror group free rein, then they’ll have to live with the consequences.

Such a warning might wind up to be the greatest humanitarian gesture the United Nations, the EU and President Obama can show to the people of Gaza. It can deliver a simple message: change course, stop propping up the terrorists, learn to live in peace with Israel or lose our numbers and fend for yourselves.

Zionism, as an ideology, has rarely been as reviled around the world. Its practitioners above are simply adding fuel to the fire, convincing the global community that it only preaches hatred, violence and occupation.

Prove I’m wrong.

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