The only realistic option

Meron Benvenisti, Haaretz, April 30:

Judging by the increasing number of symposia around the world devoted to promoting a binational state instead of two states for two peoples, a sea change is underway among academics and organizations engaged in progressive thinking.

A generation ago, the demand for establishing a Palestinian state alongside Israel expressed a radical, post-Zionist stance. Now that this position has been deemed acceptable by the heart of the establishment, and even serves as the platform of centrist political parties, the circles that fought for it are distancing themselves from it. In its stead has come talk of a binational state.

Is a new trend taking shape? And are those who adhere to the old formula in danger of losing their position as the leaders of progressive thinking? Will the skeptics and naysayers opposed to a binational state today claim in a few years that they always favored this approach?

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