The shame of those running Iran in 2009

The Islamic Republic lashes out at its own citizens and creates more revolutionaries:

Human rights abuses in Iran are now as bad as at any time in the past 20 years, Amnesty International reports tomorrow in a survey marking six months since June’s disputed presidential election.

Amnesty documents “patterns of abuse” by the Basij militia and revolutionary guards involving beatings, rape, death threats, forced confessions, intimidation and official cover-ups. Many detainees have been subjected to show trials and five have been sentenced to death.

“The authorities have resorted to exceptionally high levels of violence and arbitrary measures to stifle protest and dissent,” says the 80-page report. “The courts have not been an instrument of justice to hold police, security forces and other state officials to account ”¦ or to protect the rights to freedom of expression, assembly, association and religion.”

According to official figures, 36 people died in violence after the election, but the opposition puts the figure at more than 70. At least 4,000 people were arrested after the poll on 12 June and some 200 remain in jail. This week, 200 people were arrested during protests around university campuses on national students day.

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