The time is now

Israeli peace group Gush Shalom published the following ad in Haaretz on March 3:

To the leaders of all the parties:


The elections are approaching. And the closer they come, the more the obfuscation increases.

While the Likud says “No, but” and Labor says “Yes, but”, Kadima says “Perhaps, but”.

Between the leaders of the large parties and their satellites, a mendacious consensus has come into being.

“NO” to a viable Palestinian state, “NO” to a compromise about Jerusalem, “NO” to the Green Line border, “NO” to negotiations with the Palestinian Authority under the leadership of Hamas.

And, on the other side, “YES” to unilateral action, “YES” to the wall that robs and annexes the land of the Palestinian villages, “YES” to stealing the money that Israel owes the Palestinian Authority, “YES” to starving the Palestinian population.

Ehud Olmert cuts the Jordan valley off from the West Bank, in preparation of its annexation to Israel, and the Labor Party keeps silent.

The leaders know well that these positions prevent any chance for ending the historic conflict. But they support them in the hope of winning popularity and votes. They play cynically with our fate and the fate of our children. This may lead to another intifada, perhaps to a new war.

The public must know that there is an alternative:

– The State of Israel will support the establishment of the State of Palestine, whose border will be the Green Line with minor, agreed territorial swaps.

– Jerusalem will become the capital of the two states, the Capital of Peace.

– Negotiations will start with the elected Palestinian leadership, on the basis of existing agreements and the cessation of violent action by both sides.

Don’t present false programs that will not stand the test of reality!

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