The war journalist action figure

Calling all wannabe embedded reporters, keen to diligently fellate the military and watch our good boys killing the enemy wherever they may be?

If you’ve been searching for the perfect gift for the… news photographer… in your life, search no more.

In the fall of 2004, Chrono Toys… released War Journalist, a 1:6 scale action figure complete with… a realistic-looking Canon 1-series SLR camera, three interchangeable Canon lenses, body armour, photo vest, ballistic helmet, ID card holder, handheld GPS unit, laptop and more.

The fully-articulated action figure, part of the company’s Chronicle Collectibles line,… is available widely from online retailers for about US$60.… A recent… eBay auction (with lots of pictures)… for a War Journalist saw the bidding top out at US$107.50.

Action-HQ has an interview with one of the designers of the War Journalist, who says the 12-inch tall replica was “inspired by a friend of mine who was a freelance photographer providing battlefield shots for various press agencies.”

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