The wheels turn slowly

As the leading US Zionist lobby gears up for its annual conference, the State Department, despite claims by Condoleezza Rice, were fully aware of the strength of Hamas in the occupied territories:

A State Department-commissioned poll taken days before January’s Palestinian elections warned U.S. policymakers that the militant Islamic group Hamas was in a position to win.

The Jewish state is currently operating on many fronts. Israeli special forces are allegedly already operating within Iran searching for “secret uranium enrichment facilities.” The Sunday Times reports: “They are operating from a base in northern Iraq, guarded by Israeli soldiers with the approval of the Americans, according to Israeli sources.”

Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert also wants international cover for further unilateral moves in the West Bank. The details remain sketchy, but setting future borders and “maintaining a Jewish majority” are key objectives. Keeping an occupation and apartheid-like policies in the territories is no way to ensure future prosperity.

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