The Zionist love felt by Wilders and his shaven mates

The rise of the far right in Europe and its love for Israel is a connection that many in the Zionist community would rather ignore. So why do we think far-right fascists like Israel so much these days? Not because they’re Jewish but the killing and occupation of Muslims is terribly appealing.

Max Blumenthal reports from Europe where this issue is hot:

The pro-Israel position of the new breed of European far-rightists has to be recognized as much more than a convenient political tactic. Of course, saying you “stand with Israel,” as [Gert] Wilders so often does, is an easy way to insulate yourself from charges of anti-Semitism. But the extreme right is also attracted to Israel because the country represents its highest ideals. While some critics see Israel as a racist apartheid state, people like Wilders see Israel as a racist apartheid state — and they like it. They richly enjoy when Israel mows down Arab Muslims by the dozens and tells the world to go to hell; they admire Israel’s settler culture; and most of all, they yearn to live in a land like Israel that privileges its ethnic majority above all others to the point that it systematically humiliates and dispossesses the swarthy racial outclass. The endgame of the far-right is to make Europe less tolerant and more Israeli.

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