There’s plenty in Wikileaks cable dump, if reporters care to look


This is why Wikileaks is so crucial: A June 2009 cable from France, days after the great Cairo speech of Obama, in which the Israelis are said to claim a secret deal with the US for settlement growth. I’m running. More to say later. And note too… where… Sarkozy says, Israel, the horse of history is galloping past the window. Jump now or you are… finished. The Palestinians are… stronger than you think. Beautiful.… Europe is taking Palestine’s side now because of this… understanding.… Wow. Thank you, Mr. Assange:

“MFA Middle East Director (Assistant… Secretary-equivalent) Patrice Paoli informed POL Minister Counselor June 18 that Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak told French officials in Paris June 15 that the Israelis have a “secret accord” with the USG to continue the “natural growth” of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Paoli noted that the French anticipate strong Israeli resistance to USG pressure on this issue….

“President Sarkozy will have three messages to convey to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu when they meet in Paris on June 24:

“– ‘You think you’ve got time, but you don’t.’
“– ‘You think you have an alternative solution, but you don’t.’
“– ‘You think you’re stronger than the Palestinians, but you’re not.’

“Paoli said that Sarkozy will stress that ‘there is a single door and it is imperative to move through it now.'”


Forced prostitution and trafficking abroad for sex of Tamil children are amongst the organized criminal activities being undertaken with the knowledge of the Sri Lankan government by its troops and allied Tamil paramilitary groups, according to another Wikileaked US embassy cable from May 2007. The cable says these practices, which constitute war crimes, were raised “repeatedly” with Sri Lanka’s top leadership, including the President and top ministers. “The preponderance of [accounts] and the extent to which they independently corroborate each other points to a pattern of GSL complicity with paramilitary groups on multiple levels,” the then US Ambassador Robert Blake wrote.

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