This is how Israeli hacks support Israel?

A priceless letter in today’s Washington Post:

Last week, in an interview with CNN, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu specifically denied that a future Palestinian state would resemble “a piece of Swiss cheese,” acknowledging that the state would be territorially contiguous. “I’m the prime minister who removed hundreds of checkpoints, barriers and roadblocks,” he said.

Unfortunately, the… April 27 cartoon by Tom Toles… (“The plan to make the future Palestinian state look more like Switzerland”) overlooked Mr. Netanyahu’s statement and the position of his government.

Caricatures convey powerful messages; a more accurate cartoon would depict Mr. Netanyahu waiting patiently, alone, at the peace table, which holds a whole wedge of cheese labeled “Palestinian state.”

Lior Weintraub,… Washington

The writer is spokesman for the Embassy of Israel.

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