Those Ayrabs hate us, all of them

Progressive Zionist lobbyists J Street released a study of American Jews recently that found many were less hawkish than the neo-con “mainstream”.

But according to a person commenting on hardline Zionist Shmuel Rosner’s blog, at the Jerusalem Post, we should be careful:

JStreet is the CIA’s front organization, the purpose of which is to diminish American Jewish backing for Israel. The CIA is nowadays, like all the security community, anti-Semitic, leftist organization which want to pressure Israel in a way that benefits the Arabs. JStreet is only a part of the CIA’a efforts to damage Israel – there are many more organizations which do that. The American Jews are used to promote the cause of the US’s anti-Semites and the Arab war against Israel. The American Jews should be more intelligent; the Nazis also used Jews to attack other Jews.

Jewish paranoia, enjoy the smell of fear.

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