Time for the US to get back in the saddle

Jimmy Carter continues to attract large crowds wherever he speaks.…  His book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, became a best seller in spite of efforts from the Israeli lobby to defame him. At a recent appearance, he made clear the pitfalls of the current US policy in the Middle East.

The American friends of Israel, who demand such subservience, are in many cases sincere and well-intentioned people; I know them,” Carter said. “But on this crucial issue, they are tragically mistaken. Their demands subvert America’s ability to bring to Israel what she most desperately needs, and wants — peace and security within recognized borders.

Carter received a standing ovation for his 25-minute speech, which did not ignore the controversy around his most recent book.

“In the course of my life I have done these and other things that have sometimes provoked controversy, and in some cases I must admit that the criticisms may have been justified. But that would have to be the subject of another and much longer speech,” he said with a smile, as audience members laughed.

The kind humility and wisdom we rarely see in world leaders these days.

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