Trying to hide the reality of apartheid (with a new, kinder face)

It’s curious that Zionists are constantly concerned that their efforts at selling Israel and Zionism is in need of a face-lift. A story in today’s Melbourne Age discusses a new blog, The Sensible Jew, that seems largely about how to promote Israel and Zionism in a nicer, less aggressive way. It’s hard to disagree with this comment on their site:

“Two issues finally triggered their venture into cyberspace. One was the decision”¦ by Maccabi”¦ The second was the response”¦ to 7 Jewish Children.” Seems you’re comfortable with the massacres in Gaza, not to mention countless other Israeli crimes stretching back to before they were even born. Obviously, it’s not what Israel does that matters to you, just the heavy-handedness of Zionist PR efforts to whitewash it. And I can see no difference between you two and those you criticise when it comes to smear tactics – “lunatic leftists” indeed.

What these Zionists fail to understand is that the reason Israel and its backers are regarded globally with such contempt is not because of faltering PR but outrageous, illegal, violent Israeli actions.

Keep changing the faces of Zionism, people.

It makes not a bit of difference.

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