US-funded extremists

One of the best anti-Zionist blogs in the US, Mondoweiss, on the real danger in the Middle East; the fundamentalist settler movement:

In a speech at a New York synagogue Wednesday night, Nadia Matar, a leader of the Israeli settlers’ group “Women in Green,” called for the assassination of Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority, as a way of bringing peace to Israel.

Just as Churchill understood that in order to bring peace to Europe, “he had to destroy the Nazi beast,” Matar explained, “today we must destroy all the terrorist organizations. We must kill all the terrorist leaders, starting with Mahmoud Abbas and all others…Nobody had any moral qualms at destroying the Nazi regime. We have to abolish the Oslo Agreements, there’s no difference between the PA, the Islamic Jihad, the Hamas, whatever names you have, they’re all terrorists and we cannot have peace with them.”

I look forward to the Zionist lobby loudly condemning this call to terrorism.

We’ll be waiting a long time. Remember, in their worldview, only Arabs are terrorists and Jews are pioneers and leaders.

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