We never signed up for this kind of Israel

Israel’s new Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman – given the appropriate expression, “racist”, by Robert Fisk – is causing some concern with Israel’s Diaspora. New York writer Anne Roiphe:

We here in America are waiting as of this writing for a government to emerge in Jerusalem and most of us keep on hoping that its shape will not preclude the peace process, will not doom a two-state solution, will not destroy the hope that our new President brings to the table. As American Jews without a vote in Israel, we can’t do more than point out what many Israelis understand: Solve this problem or the Jewish state will disappear in a tsunami of Palestinian births; or it will become a theocracy, a thugocracy, an apartheid, anti-democratic state that will then disappear in a wave of world anger.

There is nothing normal about a state that cannot tolerate a minority within its borders and treat them as it would have wished its people to have been treated in the centuries of Diaspora life. I would call it pathological that Israel is listening to leaders who don’t understand that the entire West Bank cannot belong to Israel without making it a pariah nation, without violating the spirit of the Torah, and the scared memory of the Jewish people.

And throughout it all, the mainstream Jewish community prefers to accuse anti-Zionists of anti-Semitism.

The world is starting to wake up to Israeli apartheid and they may soon not take it any more.

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