What any humane leader would think

Why Turkey will no longer remain silent in the face of Israeli crimes in Palestine. The Jewish state’s isolation over its barbarity grows. Over to you, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan:

We are always telling them [Hamas)]to act differently, that we are for a two-state solution: Palestine and Israel. They have to accept this, but Israel also has to accept Palestine. Is Israel right now accepting Palestine? They are still not accepting them. But it is being expected of the Palestinian people to accept Israel. Now go and ask Mr Netanyahu if he is accepting Palestine.

Hamas doesn’t have any planes. Hamas doesn’t have any tanks or artillery, and with the use of disproportionate force Gaza was being put under fire. One thousand, one hundred and 30people have died. We have more than 5,500 injured. Who is going to ask: what has happened here and who is going to pay the price for this?

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