What, bashing Arabs isn’t decent behaviour?

Michael Brull, a blogger with Independent Australian Jewish Voices, continues his increasingly public and necessary battles with Zionist apologists.

First up, former head of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, David Knoll, who has a piece in today’s Sydney Morning Herald, showing his supposed concern about racism. Except, as Brull notes:

Look Mr Knoll. You and the Jewish Board of Deputies couldn’t care less about racism. You care about anti-Semitism, and the reason you care about anti-Semitism is because you’re Jewish. There is nothing principled in your views. If you called for (say) banning Benny Morris’s writings, we might take you seriously. But apparently the Jewish establishment has come out in favour of ethnic cleansing. Bren Carlill, for example, of AIJAC, has also defended the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in 1948:

Yes, Jewish fighters were directly responsible for creating a significant minority of the Palestinian refugees, but this is perfectly understandable. The Jews were fighting to survive, and the Palestinian villagers were engaged in the war to kill the Jews.

You see? I mean, put aside the euphemisms (“creating a significant minority of the Palestinian refugees”). Carlill actually thinks expelling Palestinians was “perfectly understandable”. This has passed completely unnoticed. Because anti-Palestinian racism is considered so ordinary and unremarkable in organisations like AIJAC and JBD that they can support figures like Carlill and Morris, whilst calling for a united front against racism. It would seem inconsistent to them if they thought Palestinians were human.

As we’re seeing at the Durban II conference, Zionist groups are desperate to “campaign” for Darfur because it may, just may, distract enough people from looking at Israeli crimes in Palestine. Honest debate about racism is more important than ever.

Next, Brull pulls apart the Zionist lobbyist, Bren Carlill, from AIJAC (who I debated last year on Australian TV):

Vulgar apologists for Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians often come up with the same arguments, over and over again. This is not necessarily because they are asked, or trained to do so. It is because the facts are against them. There is an overwhelming corpus of human rights reports, scholarly literature and so on, documenting Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians, its racist discrimination against the Palestinians within the Green line and so on.

How can defenders of the Holy State deal with such unpleasant issues? Plainly, an honest look into the evidence would work against them. So instead, there are a few tried and tested counter-ploys chauvinist Zionists engage in, to avoid discussion of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

Of course, proving that AIJAC are fanatical Zionists isn’t that difficult.

And less people are listening to them.

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