What is happening in the West Bank away from clueless journalist’s eyes

Day in and day out the sight of armed Israeli soldiers in the West Bank protecting settlers and destroying Palestinian land, all illegal under international law, continues. Most of the world’s media refuses to show these images. Poor, little Israel must be protected.

Joseph Dana, an American Jew living in Israel, continues to blog about these activities (and we worked together in Israel and Palestine last year). I salute him.

Here’s a video he posted a few days ago:

Non violent resistance to the occupation is beginning to spread to villages across the West Bank. In addition to the regular weekly protests in Nilin and Bilin this weekend, Nabi Salih, Walage and Beit Umar held non violent protests against the Wall and the crippling occupation. Below is a video shot by Israel Putermam from Walage. Be sure to note the violent arrest of an Israeli protester at the end of the Walage video:

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