What is the role of a public intellectual?

The role of public intellectuals in Western society is an interesting question, especially when so few individuals dare challenge “established truths”, preferring to suck on the drip-feed of media, government or business connections.

ABC Radio National broadcast in January the following event:

The literary magazine, Overland recently invited [in late 2008] two public intellectuals – Christos Tsiolkas and Antony Loewenstein – to discuss the consequences of saying unpopular things, something they are both quite familiar with. Christos is a well known Melbourne based author, whose latest novel, The Slap, is about the aftermath of a man hitting another person’s child at a barbeque.

Antony Loewenstein is a Sydney based journalist – he is best known as a Jewish critic of the actions of the Israeli government – expressed in his book – My Israel Question, and his blog http://antonyloewenstein.com


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