What the world wants is rampaging Zionist forces fighting evil

Must we continue to suffer this kind of Zionist chauvinism year in year out?

Over the past 20 years, we’ve evolved from films like Schindler’s List to movies like Defiance and Inglourious Basterds. Jewish characterizations have morphed from victims to strong, rugged combatants in the face of threats from Nazis – now they face evil head on with brawny bravura.

Arguably too, many Americans’ reference point for Jewish identification is Israel. And today it stands as a source of strength – economically, militarily and, according to Gallup, Americans’ support of Israel ranks 63 percent – higher than after 1967 and just one point below its high after the Gulf War.

Still, one can’t miss the skewed news reports and factually misleading editorials blaming Israel for the ills that plague the region.

President Barack Obama’s misdirected pressure on Israel, especially given Iran’s nuclear ambitions that each day come closer to actuality, is of utmost concern. Iran presents an existential threat to Israel through either itself or one of its terrorist proxies and destabilizes the entire region.

BUT WHAT if, in this postmodern world, where the line between fiction and fact splice together seamlessly (Director Quentin Tarantino literally has the film Inglourious Basterds burn Hitler and his cronies to death), the story of Eichmann’s capture and a true wish-fulfillment fantasy made real were to be revived?

Put yourself in the director’s chair and wonder, if you will, what if the Mossad captured Osama bin Laden. Imagine what that would do. Who in this country could claim to be anti-Zionist then? In one fell swoop, it would be an end-run around placating the Obama administration, by directly appealing to the American people and a world constituency demonstrating a vigilant determination to seek justice.

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