What to do with colluding corporates?

With hackers attacking Visa and Mastercard for colluding with censorship of Wikileaks, blogger Jon Seymour has an idea:

I have a concrete suggestion for a campaign idea.

The Australian Parliament, for example, could reserve for itself the right to impose a “freedom tax” on payment services like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

The tax rate would be set at 0% as a gesture of good will. However, if they fail to reverse their decision or ever act in this way again, the Parliament could choose to alter the rate to some non-zero percentage.

The collected tax would be either returned to the consumer or to a media organisation of the consumers &/or the Parliament’s choice.

This would serve to take payment services out of the political arena or provide a useful source of revenue to fund investigative journalism and other freedom preserving projects.

Once the idea of taxing payment services is accepted, payment services will rue they day they abandoned the rule of law to exercise political muscle.

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