When will I praise Israeli hegemony, Israel lobby asks?

It’s nice to know that Australia’s most belligerent, pro-Israel lobby, AIJAC, watches my media appearances (when they’re not backing Israel’s occupation in Palestine). I was recently on Sky News talking about the war in Ukraine.

AIJAC only wants obedience to its agenda so this “critique” is hilarious:

In an interview on Sky News Australia (March 10), left-wing anti-Israel activist Antony Loewenstein said he doubted sanctions could remove Russian President Putin from power.

According to Loewenstein, “The truth is a lot of countries in the last 10, 20 years that have been sanctioned, I’m thinking here Syria, Iraq and others, Libya. Those regimes, uh, the leaders are still there obviously.”

Sanctions on those three countries were not intended to force regime change – although, contrary to Loewenstein’s assertion, the leadership of both Libya and Iraq did in fact change following the imposition of sanctions, though not directly because of them.

Interviewed by Sky News on Feb. 26, Loewenstein said if “we condemn US aggression in Iraq or Afghanistan or Israeli actions in Palestine, we also have to condemn Russian imperialism.” 

Loewenstein’s grouping of Russia with the US and Israel is a false comparison. The US led a multinational intervention in Afghanistan to remove the Taliban and al-Qaeda who were responsible for acts of mass international terror. The 2003 invasion of Iraq was launched in the belief of the existence of weapons of mass destruction. In both cases, UN Security Council resolutions were cited as legal justifications for US-led military action.

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