Where do they learn this stuff?

I’m speaking today in Melbourne for Palestine Solidarity Week.

Last night I received the following email (from a Lubavitcher Jew):

Hi Anthony,
Below is a photo of one excerpt from the display created by students for palestine in Monash Clayton. If you support this revisionism then in my eyes you are not welcome on the grounds of Monash. I will personaly get Pr Larkins involved.
This is what people like you instigate and this is why I will never believe a word of what you write. It is a shameful display of Journalism.

Yours truly,
Dov Werdiger


So here’s the “logic”. Some Palestinian students accurately reflect the events of 1948 (a position confirmed by one of the leading Israeli historians, Benny Morris) and I’m a bad journalist for simply agreeing with the historical record. Clearly some Jewish students have a problem with reality.

I’m informed that during the opening of Palestine Solidarity Week at Monash, a number of Zionist students were carrying on and celebrating Israel’s use of white phosphorous in Gaza (recognised as a war crime by Human Rights Watch last week.)

Welcome to the Jewish youth of 2009.

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