While the world waits

While Israel’s supposed leftist Labor Party prove their dedication to the extreme Zionist cause, the UN releases a report on the ongoing trauma of the occupation:

“Israel’s separation wall and its network of checkpoints and roadblocks across the occupied West Bank have led to a ‘de-development’ of the Palestinian economy, a report by the Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator (UNSCO) said on Thursday, February 9.

“Francine Pickup, author of the report, said poverty and unemployment in the West Bank were expected to increase because of denying Palestinian workers access into Israeli markets.”

As the Israeli state continues to demolish Palestinian homes in the name of upholding the law, the director of the Institute of Modern Media at Al-Quds University in Ramallah writes about the fall-out of the Hamas win:

“Palestinians are watching the post-election discussions rather calmly. For the time being, liberal Palestinians are dealing with the victory of the conservative Hamas with little more than jokes. Behind this jokes is an expectation, or hope, that Hamas politicians will be shaped by a stark reality they did not have to face in the past. This, along with Hamas’s fear of being voted out in the next elections, is reassuring Palestinians that whatever happens will be an improvement.

“As many people are saying, it can’t get much worse.”

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