Who’s the real superpower here?

The US says it wants to re-open its consulate in Jerusalem, closed during the Trump administration, but Israel is refusing to accept the proposition.

My comments to global broadcaster TRT World:

Antony Loewenstein, an independent journalist, author and film-maker who was based in occupied East Jerusalem between 2016 and 2020, sees the template of Israel’s unfair political mentality toward Palestinians in Tel Aviv’s refusal of the US consulate in Jerusalem.

“The potential re-opening of a US consulate in East Jerusalem would be an important symbol of Washington believing that Palestinians are human beings who deserve equal rights, a view that’s opposed by the Israeli government,” Loewenstein tells TRT World.

“Bennett doesn’t see Palestinians as equal to Jews and therefore doesn’t believe that the US should need to assist them in East Jerusalem,” he adds.

But under any circumstances, Israel’s rejection of the US consulate will have “no impact on US-Israeli relations because it’s impervious to Israeli actions, endless occupation and racism” according to Loewenstein.

“The US-Israeli alliance is based on supposed ‘shared values’, namely a belief that occupation is the best way to treat the Palestinian people. The Biden administration has no interest in seriously challenging Israel because they pay no political price in the US for offering unlimited support.”

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